Indiefone™ Film Fest no esta ligada de ninguna manera con la promoción de ninguna marca de telefonos celulares (smartphones)

Que es el Indiefone™ Film Fest? Es una competencia dirigida a artistas audio visuales como:  cineastas, videografos, cinematógrafos, editores, directores, animadores, etc…  con el fin de poner a prueba su creatividad usando solamente un “Smartphone” telefono movil inteligente como herramienta principal para filmar un cortometraje, video musical, animacion, documental corto.

Nuestro PROPOSITO es descubrir nuevos talentos y promoverlos en reconocidos medios impresos y electrónicos en la industria de  Hollywood y brindarles com premios camaras profesionales para filmar.

COMPETENCIA 2012: U.S.A = Verano 2013 Fecha por confirmar.


This is a summary of the most important aspects of the submission rules.  For more details download the submission form here.

  • RULE 1 Shoot your short film entirely on any smartphone that shoot HD video.
  • RULE 2 The short film MUST be an original production. It may not infringe on the copyright, trademark or other rights of any individual.
  • RULE 3 The length of the video can be 1 to 10 minutes. IMPORTANT: it may NOT EXCEED 10 minutes.
  • RULE 4 You may capture the audio in a separate audio recorder or use the audio from mobil device.
  • RULE 5 Do NOT include the list of the ending credits in your video, submit the credits as a text document. We are going to post them.
  • RULE 6 Foreign videos are welcome in any language, but you will be required to add the subtitles in English.
  • RULE 7 Send your short film files in full resolution using H.264 .mov (Quicktime) – DO NOT compress your videos on .mp4 - Custom compression will be added by us.
  • RULE 8 An additional “Making of…” short video of 2-5 minutes length is required. You may use any video camera to prove that your project was shot with an smartphone.
  • RULE 9 NO nudity, NO profanity, NO extreme violence and NO racist content is allowed. The videos will be screened at high schools.
  • RULE  10 You CANNOT use “Copyrighted Material” unless you have documentation to prove that you have legal authorization from the record label, artist, musicians, etc. Also, you may require the “Actor Release Form” signed and submitted by the actors or people who are in your videos.
  • RULE 12 You can use any editing software, and any color grading software to set the color mood for your story, but you CANNOT use any composing software, visual FX pluggings or 3D software, for example: After effects, Motion, Maya, etc… If you want to add visual FX, like gun fire or blood, it has to be added inside your smartphone with any mobile App like: “Gun Movie FX App”
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